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Cost of living in Halifax

Whether you are looking to buy or rent in Halifax, there are a wide variety of housing choices, ranging from urban to rural, condominiums to single family detached, offered at a full range of prices. According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the average selling price of houses in Halifax in 2011 was $259,060. Due to these low home costs, the cost of living in Halifax is one of the lowest in the country.

Buy Halifax

For an extensive list of houses currently available for purchase, visit the Multiple Listing Service website and select Nova Scotia.  If you are considering renting a property, the Classified section of The Chronicle Herald is a good place to start.

Rent Halifax

Finding a suitable apartment in Halifax can require time and patience. To help you find a place to meet your needs, check out the following links for more information on Halifax apartments:

Monthly rent: 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen & bath (heat & power included) - average
Purchase, Home
$275, 000

Accommodations (1 night, 2 people)

Bed & Breakfast
Executive Suite
Full-service Hotel


Public Transportation (Bus, Ferry)

Single fare
$2 - $2.50
Monthly Pass (average)
Taxi (Downtown to Halifax Stanfield International Airport)



Local daily newspaper
National daily newspaper (The Globe and Mail)
International daily newspaper (Wall Street Journal)



Bread (675g loaf)
Soda pop (2 litre)
Milk (2 litre)
Sugar (1 kg) 
Eggs (12) 
Butter (250g) 



To rent: Weekend, compact, all inclusive
To purchase: Toyota Yaris 2008, manual transmission
Parking Violation


Miscellaneous items 

Telephone (basic service/month)
Cable television (basic service/month) 
Postage stamp (within Canada) 
Postage stamp (to USA)
Postage stamp (International) 
Movie theatre ticket 
Compact disc 
$14 - $20
Dance club entrance 
Live theatre ticket 
Major Junior hockey ticket 
McDonalds kids meal

* Prices in Canadian dollars, as of July 2009.
** Metric conversions: 1 kg = 2.2 pounds, 100 grams = 3.5 ounces, 1 litre = 1.05 quarts

For more information about Canadian housing, where to go for help, or how to find, rent or buy a home in Greater Halifax, visit the Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation's (CMHC) web site. The CMHC offers free copies of the Newcomer's Guide to Canadian Housing which is filled with tips on what to look for when choosing a home.

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