World-class R&D capacity


Halifax is a destination of choice for first-class researchers and innovators

Critical Mass of Scientists

Halifax has a critical mass of government scientists undertaking exciting research and development in various industries, including renewable energy, aerospace and defence, and environmental studies, among others. Many are based at:

Innovative companies

Halifax is also home to many private enterprises spearheading research and innovation in the region.

  • Lockheed Martin Canada, an industry giant in Aerospace & Defence, opened a new facility in 2009. The Maritimes Advanced Training and Test Site (MATTS) is a 100,000 square-foot facility in Halifax. Its Technology Collaboration Centre in the MATTS facility provides a near-at-sea environment for Canadian businesses to test and develop solutions for the Canadian Navy.
  • Canadian Aviation Electronics (CAE), who are a global leader in flight simulation technology and involved in research in development at both the commercial and military levels.
  • CGI Group Inc, the massive information technology services firm houses its Information Technology Development Centre in Halifax. The company as a whole employs 13,700 professionals across North America.
  • Origin Biomed, a Canadian pharmaceutical and health product manufacturer is involved in the life sciences cluster in Halifax. They are one of many companies engaged in cooperative work with the NRC’s Institute of Biodiagnostics.
  • InNOVAcorp, the Nova Scotia based business development firm, has taken a particular interest in emerging R&D opportunities. Their commercialization services have been focused on several companies taking root in Halifax.
  • Vemco, Ocean Nutrition Canada, Immunovaccine, and Satlantic are all examples of university-industry spin-off companies that are undertaking exciting ocean and life sciences R&D.

Growing Halifax's R&D Capacity

Both the public and private sectors are committed to growing Halifax’s R&D capacity by helping companies invest in research and innovation and transform great ideas and inventions into commercially viable products.

  • ACOA’s Atlantic Innovation Fund, a $300 million pool of research funding, is designed to assist the region’s innovation capacity and help companies develop new commercial products and services. The AIF is one of the many Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency programs.
  • NRC’s Industrial Research Assistance Program, supports small and medium business enterprises develop their technological capabilities, whether it is through technical assistance, expertise, facilities, or resources.
  • Nova Scotia’s Productivity Investment Program, is designed to assist companies improve the productivity of their workforce. In particular the Capital Investment Incentive contributes towards the cost advanced machinery, new equipment, and software.
  • Springboard Atlantic, a strategic network that maximizes the commercial potential of the research coming out of the region’s universities, and also links higher education expertise and facilities with the region’s industries.