Industries in Halifax

Halifax airport looks to make things easier for passengers

July 28, 2014

The Halifax Stanfield International Airport is speeding things up for passengers in the terminal.

Halifax life sciences are growing in the international scene

July 21, 2014

Life sciences in Halifax are spreading to all corners of the globe, with support and funding paving the way for continued growth.

The Pride Festival begins in Halifax

July 21, 2014

Halifax Pride begins to fill the city's streets, bringing opportunities for residents, tourists and businesses alike.

Opportunities open up for apprentices in the whole region

July 14, 2014

Apprentices in Nova Scotia are getting the training needed to succeed.

Weather can’t stop the Halifax Jazz Fest

July 10, 2014

The Halifax Jazz Fest emerged from the storm to give people the largest festival it's ever put on before.

Summer bookings leading the way to a summer of travel to Nova Scotia

July 10, 2014

Nova Star Cruises provides travelling solutions for tourists looking to reach Nova Scotia in style and comfort.

Theatre festival comes to Halifax

July 09, 2014

The Magnetic North Theatre Festival arrived at Halifax, bringing a diverse arrangement of cultural shows for the city to enjoy.

Halifax participating in global effort to better understand the diversity of oceans

July 02, 2014

Halifax teams up with international scientists and researchers to better understand the microbes living in oceans on a global scale.

Casino Nova Scotia set to entertain for 10 more years

July 02, 2014

Casino Nova Scotia is set for improvements with a new agreement extending services for 10 more years.

Nova Scotia’s Xona Games is ready to move to the next generation

June 27, 2014

Xona Games already had success on older systems, but now it's ready to move to the next generation and bring Nova Scotia with it.