Population & Migration

Annual population estimates
Source: Statistics Canada


Halifax is now home to over 413,000 people. Since 2000, Halifax has achieved strong population growth in comparison to its benchmark cities and at the Canadian average.


Immigration and Outmigration

Annual migration estimates, Halifax
Source: Statistics Canada


Halifax’s population growth between 2000 and 2012 has favoured migration over natural growth (births vs. deaths). Halifax had average natural and migration growth when compared to its benchmark cities.

Since 2007, annual international immigration totals have increased 13%. This has been offset by a return to traditionally negative interprovincial migration figures. While many Nova Scotians returned from the west during the recession, there are signs that this movement was temporary. These trends are showing signs of shifting back to pre-recession levels in 2012.


Download the 2014 Halifax Index

The 2014 Halifax Index tracks our progress towards many different indicators and our special analyses tackle two of our most pressing issues – the sustainability of our workforce and our innovation culture.

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The Halifax Index 2014 (PDF)

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