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HRMbyDesign has been passed by HRM Council.  Thanks to all for showing your support and ensuring the future growth and development of downtown Halifax.

Smart Growth

The Greater Halifax Partnership is charged with driving economic growth for our city and we know the people of Halifax want our city to grow. A recent survey  of the views of HRM Citizens found 72 percent of those polled think growth is good and that a majority of us believe commercial and residential development should be happening NOW in downtown Halifax. 

While we stand still and argue, many well-loved heritage buildings that need protection are gradually becoming unusable ruins and risk being torn down altogether, while development and growth are stalled.  Often no one wins. But this does not have to be a zero sum game. The solution is HRMbyDesign. 

Design for the future

HRMbyDesign provides developers with a transparent and predictable approval process – which provides us with what we need – new capacity for growth.  It also ensures only quality, architecturally sensitive developments and public spaces are approved in our downtown.

At the same time, HRMbyDesign will give those concerned about protecting our existing buildings a process protecting our heritage.  

Together we can make Halifax the most modern and historic city in Canada.

Learn more about HRMbyDesign and the Partnership's role in the initiative.

Useful Links

Presentations to the Provincial Law Amendments Committee

November 18, 2008

  • HRM Charter - Bill 179, Fred Morley, Executive Vice President and Chief Economist, Greater Halifax Partnership

  • HRMbyDesign - Bill 181, Fred Morley, Executive Vice President and Chief Economist, Greater Halifax Partnership

Partnership’s Submission to the Provincial Law Amendments Committee

HRM Regional Plan

Strategies for Success, Halifax Regional Municipality's Economic Development Strategy (1.2 MB)

Challenging Myths Around Attitudes Towards Growth and Development (82 KB)