Halifax Shipbuilding Economic Impact

The Greater Halifax Partnership has engaged on this project like no other project in our history. The Partnership, along with partner organizations, has commissioned two reports to assess the scope and potential impact of the NSPS on Nova Scotia.  


The economic impact of this shipbuilding contract will be significant for the province but not limited to Nova Scotia. We will need to call on hundreds of suppliers, and the result will be prosperity for businesses across Canada.


Download report (815KB pdf)

Key aspects and benefits

This report prepared by the Partnership ties
the Conference Board of Canada and Jupia Consultants Inc. reports together and
provides emphasis on key aspects and
benefits of the shipbuilding opportunity for
Halifax and the province.


Download report (370KB pdf)

Deep dive assessment

The Conference Board of Canada report is a deep dive assessment of the potential
economic impact associated with Irving Shipbuilding Inc. becoming the prime
contractor for either the combat or
non-combat vessels package under the
National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.


Download report (312KB pdf)

Wide angle view

This report from Jupia Consultants Inc.
provides a wide angle view of how the
impact of this project would ripple through
the economy strengthening Nova Scotia's marine/ocean cluster and its aerospace and defence industry.